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Trading & Providing Civil Materials

Do business in civil materials is more and more developing and expanding business

Supplying materials for civil project is growing strongly and satisfy the requirements such as: suitable price, high quality, high services, always provide on time follow to client’s requirement, guarantee to proceed of project


Getraco VT has been supplying metal, cement for big project such as:


1. Making foundation the 220 KW cable from Ham Thuan to Long Thanh

2. Loc An fishing port Ba Ria _ Vung Tau Province

3. Da Den dam Project

4. Co May 1 & 2 Bridge

5. Cua Lap Bridge

6. Song Ray 1 & 2 Bridge

7. SILVER SEA Office Building

8. HAPPY LAND Office Building



Companies that executing big project always believe in choosing materials of Getraco because of high services, competition price

With capability of goods and capital, Our Company have capacity of providing materials for bid and even small project

Our slogan is :”Prestige and goods services on the top”. Getraco wish to corporate with foreign and domestic company


Thành tích
Giấy chứng nhận
Giải thưởng Thi đua
Tập thể Xuất sắc 2006
Doanh nghiệp trẻ 2009
Giải thưởng Ngọn Hải đăng 2009
Bằng khen BCH Đảng bộ
Ngọn hải đăng 2007
Cúp Doanh nhân tâm tài
Giải thưởng hội nhập & phát triển
Ngọn hải đăng 2009
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